Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Petersons Doughnuts and an ice cold glass of milk........

Oh that is so what I need today......a chocolate doughnuts with vanilla frosting and sprinkles from the doughnuts corner. I have had the worst day ever!!!! I wanted to throw my keys at my employers head today and walk out. Why can't things be easier? Why can't credit be given where credit is due? I worked sixty hours last week so that everyone I work with could have a break, or take a day off, or who knows what...and the thanks I get is that I am not working hard enough? Sometimes I wish I could just say screw it and have a sleepover in the loft at my parent's house, what a great idea........I need to build a loft!!!



  1. I love this! I think you guys should make sure you sign your name at the end of your blog :)

  2. Thanks for following, its a great idea to post oyr names, maybe we need to!!