Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Petersons Doughnuts and an ice cold glass of milk........

Oh that is so what I need today......a chocolate doughnuts with vanilla frosting and sprinkles from the doughnuts corner. I have had the worst day ever!!!! I wanted to throw my keys at my employers head today and walk out. Why can't things be easier? Why can't credit be given where credit is due? I worked sixty hours last week so that everyone I work with could have a break, or take a day off, or who knows what...and the thanks I get is that I am not working hard enough? Sometimes I wish I could just say screw it and have a sleepover in the loft at my parent's house, what a great idea........I need to build a loft!!!


Oh HOW I wish you were down the street....

Oh best friend... How I wish you were still just a short drive away... A phone call and a sleep over is what I need right now. It seems like life is so frustrating sometimes. Like I take 10 steps forward only to take 25 steps backwards...

I miss the days when our biggest worries were what to wear to school, which boy we had a crush on and bangs... When the biggest worries of our life were school dances and dresses...

Now its bills, and debt and THE FUTURE... AND what the HECK does it all mean???

Today I am asking myself, am I making the right decisions? Am I on the right track? Is this the right path? What does this ALL IMPOSING FUTURE HOLD??


I miss you


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Monday, September 26, 2011

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From San Diego to Salt lake City

In the Summer of 1992, I walked into my Summer School Drama class at Del Dios Middle School. I was a very awkward 12 year old girl and was nervous to start out my junior high school days, especially because not a single face looked familiar at all!! Then it get really bright and happy in the room because Sunnie was there. We became instant friends and it pretty much went downhill from there. We were inseperable from that point on and still remain best friends even though our lives have gone in two different directions
We have now known each other for 19 years and those years could not have been any better. We have been thru pretty much anything your could imagine. More boys and hearbreaks then we could probably care to count, marriage, divorce, service mission, moving 750 miles apart, Graduating Nursing School, Graduating UVU, marriage, and pretty much everything in between.
Because we live so far apart, we never really know what is going on in each other's lives so I have decided to start this blog so that we can keep in touch and know what each other are doing and so that we can let each other know how much we miss and care the other one, even though we may not see each other more than once or twice a year.
Thats why "It's Always Sunnie with Katie"