Thursday, January 12, 2012


So I always thought that high cholesterol was for old people to worry about. I am going to be 31 next week and never thought that my health was in jeopardy at all. I had my usual yearly physical and female exam on Tuesday, (yeah I know you are all extremely jealous) and my cholesterol levels are double what they should be!!! Yes I said double!! I was pretty shocked. My Doctor immediately put me on lipitor and said I should loose about 15-20lbs in the next couple months if I can. He also said to get a low cholesterol diet. So I spent last night looking up low cholesterol food. Again I don't think I am unhealthy at all but I don't want to end up having a heart attack or heart problems before I turn 40. Now I am even more motivated to get in shape and have a healthier lifestyle. I will post my low cholesterol meals on here to show how things are going.
Todays breakfast: 2 egg whites, whole wheat toast and margarine (not butter)

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