Sunday, January 15, 2012

X-Box Kinect FAIL!!!!

My husband is paralyzed and wheelchair bound but a very active guy. My brother-in-law got an xbox kinect for Christmas. My husband and I were over there and we wanted to try it out. I played one game and thought that it was really fun. So my husband goes up and the game DOES NOT RECOGNISE HIM! As first we thought that he was just too short so we callibrated the game, no big deal. But the same thing happened, it doesn't recognise him. So we had our little niece, who is shorter than him, stand in front and the game recognized her and callibrated itself accordingly. Then she moved out of the way and my husband rolled up and the same thing happened. Guess we won't buy that system EVER!!! Glad we figured that one out BEFORE we purchased the whole system and it didn't work. BIG FAIL XBOX KINECT!!!!


  1. Could be the system expects to see a 'human' and fails to recognize anything that doesn't look like a human shape - like your husband's wheelchair...

  2. True, yet the programmers should take this into consideration, like a button for a wheelchair, or what not